Auteur : Jacques Texier

Président du Groupement des industries concernées par les matériels de défense terrestres (Gicat)

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N° 643 Juin 2002

Équipements terrestres : une ambition nouvelle - Jacques Texier

The land and air-land defence industry is today on the eve of a technological revolution, able to lead to major restructuring in this sector which is in a specific situation because of the army budget collapse in most of the European Countries. The BOA concept, which is built on the integration of advanced technologies is the French version of a more general approach of the future air land battlefield and could be compared to the Future Combat System of the US Army. It could be the starting point of a new age in this industrial sector. But two conditions have to be satisfied: firstly, the harmonization of the military requirements of the European armies in order to design a common federative program able to embrace new capabilities; secundly, a very significant boost of the army budget in the European countries. The political authorities have to give the impetus for this move as they did in 1997 for the aerospace sector while the industrialists have to find the technical and economical solutions for the consolidation of the land and air-land defence sector at the european level.

2 résultats

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